New Pettagram Second Account Guidelines

 With Pettagram gaining popularity, two people may want access to one account, which one person (the creator) may not want to give, we've allowed two accounts for one pet.   

We're now putting down some guidelines.   

  1. The name of the second account must be [original name*] 2.   
  2. The username of the second account must be [usernameofthefirstaccount2].
  3. The profile picture of the second account must be different.   
  4. Incase of verification requests, only the first account is eligible.   
  5. The bio of the second account must have 'Original Account: @[Original]'. 

Violation of the terms set above may lead to suspension or termination of one or both accounts.   Accounts created prior to 11 October 2021 will be changed by admins.  

*Original name refers to original name of the account, eg: Cooper Talwar, Benji Mehta.  

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