Introducing Pettagram GEN X


Introducing Pettagram Gen X.   Pettagram's been around for 1 year and we've decided to redesign it. We're making sure that all of your suggestions have been included.   We've simplified it.  Redone it.   With no extra features.   

Pettagram has no plan at the moment to replace current version of Pettagram with Gen X, although it will be available in beta.   Right now it's in a closed beta and you can apply to get in to it, or be invited.    

It will soon be available for the general public, although it already is available to browse at 

How to join

Method 1:

You can use nips, Pettagram's virtual currency to secure yourself a position by visiting and choosing Gen X which costs 250 nips.  

Method 2:

You can apply to the beta by emailing or  Your account may also be selected for the beta program, in which case you'll receive an invitation email with a link to join.  

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