Disallowed content

Pettagram aims to keep all content 100% family friendly.    Violating accounts may be suspended, and/or deleted.   

Disallowed content:

  • NSFW
  • Any Adult Content
  • Violence 
  • Swearing (Allowed with * eg. sh*t)
  • Non animal content
  • Pirated content/movies
  • Shaming** 
If any of the above* are included in a post/discussion/questions/group name/profile picture/profile banner/ account name/account username the responsible account(s) will be suspended for 3 months on first offence, 12 months on second offence and deleted permanently on the third offence.   In addition to the permanent deletion, users will be IP BANNED from visiting The Pet Project, Pettagram, and any other services operated by The Pet Project.  

Incase of pirated content, users may be reported to law enforcement.   

*Swearing excluded
**Results in 1 community strike.    

Incase of violations, report the post on Pettagram using the report function, post on the Reports group, or email removals@pettagram.xyz. 

If your content has been used without your consent, or without crediting you, email copyright@pettagram.xyz 

For more serious offences, email ptgoff@thepetproject.in.   

Community Strikes

Each account has 3 community strikes, which resets every year. Accounts will be suspended after 3 strikes, if you get a strike you'll be emailed.      

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